Unique beers and choice wines x 3

Professional staff, a quality selection of drinks and a fascinating social milieu, really takes the meaning of going for a drink to a whole other level.

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1Old Bank

On the corner of Aurakatu and Linnankatu is the building of a former bank, constructed in 1907. Today, the premises are now a restaurant and popular social spot called the Old Bank, known to its friends as Pankki. 

When we discuss Pankki, a few comments rise above the others: the fantastic drink selection and the wonderful interior from 1907. Choose your favourite from the 150 brands of beer, many of which are only available from the Old Bank. The interior has been kept as close to the original state as possible, so sit back with your drink and imagine yourself in the banking world of the early 1900’s. 

2Brewery Restaurant Koulu

Completed in 1889, these premises of an old school are now a restaurant bar and Finland’s largest restaurant-brewery. In addition to the Koulu’s own beer and cider, you’ll also find on offer one of the city’s most comprehensive selection of whisky as well as Koulu’s own specialist wine tavern. Look out for the old school desks and teaching materials hanging from the walls.

The premises have largely been preserved – you can even go in the history class. In the upstairs cabinets you can arrange meetings and events, with the Bellman dining hall able to accommodate a larger crowd. From the rear door your can reach the terrace courtyard and beer garden, suitable for everyone. That is, not because it’s alcohol-free, but because it’s the largest terrace in Turku.


If you’re rather partial to a glass of wine, then you’ll be obsessed with this place. 

Under one roof you’ll find an astonishing amount of knowledge and professional expertise, not to mention fascinating bottles of wine. With over 200 labels on offer, whatever your preference and opinions on wines, here you’ll receive the answers as well as great personal service. The wines are served with cheese, pastries and other snacks.

The restaurant also regularly designs and arranges wine-based theme nights and tasting evenings. To cure those Monday morning blues and keep the weekend going, try out Viinimaanantai (‘Wine Mondays’). 

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