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What does Turku mean to you?

"In my home there are curtains of the River Aura and a wall print of a photo my dad took of fireworks during Turku Day. I have also infected my husband with some Turku-lingo."

- Cata

"Ruissalo Island feels like a fairy-tale forest, its long shoreline like Paradise."

- Hanna-Mari

"I often point out that I'm not from Turku, but I like to represent the city and its people. I have to admit that I get some satisfaction from the reactions."

- I'm not from Turku

Hirvensalo Tour

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Turku – the (b)oldest town in Finland

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Down by the Laituri - A festival at the heart of Turku

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Turku is a treat for taste buds

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Enjoying the Turku region, safely and responsibly

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