Exhibition 40,000+

At Forum Marinum you can now experience the magic of the archipelago from land. The new exhibition 40,000+ is named after the number of islands and islets in the Archipelago Sea and brings together the people, nature, and way of life of the archipelago. In the functional exhibition, the viewer can experience, see and hear about life in the archipelago in the form of mini-documentaries and videos, among other things.

Christmas Market on the Old Great Square

Experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas at the Old Great Square Turku on four weekends before Christmas. The Christmas Market's festive spirit, Christmas aromas, fairytales, dance, music and charming vendors’ stalls invites the whole family to the Old Great Square.


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, Ruisrock 2021 has been cancelled. The next time the festival will be celebrated will be from 8th to 10th July 2022, in Ruissalo, Turku.