Getting around Turku x 6

Within Turku and its neighbouring areas, you can get around in many different ways. Pick up a flexible city bicycle or go for a leisurely ride in a hire car.

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1Avis Car Rental

A hire car ensures your trip is as easy and hassle free as can be. There’s no need to worry about bus schedules or long distances when you can cruise at your own pace around Turku and its surroundings in a stylish city car, a spacious family saloon or even a transit van.

The office locations of Avis are at the Turku railway station, the airport and in Oriketo, making is quick and easy to collect your car. Additional extras include child seats, GPS-navigators and refilling services.

2Local Buses

Public transport in the Turku region is provided by Föli’s bright yellow buses, bringing colour to the byways of Turku and making longer distances easy to travel. A ride on Föli is the same price for the surrounding districts of Kaarina, Lieto, Raisio, Naantali and Rusko as it is in Turku.

Journeys can be paid using a travel card, cash or a mobile ticket. A single ticket costs only €3 and lets you travel for two hours, allowing you to change bus as many times as you like.

3City Bikes

What could be a more convenient way to take an adventure around the city? The Turku region’s public transport service, Föli, introduced in spring 2018 the new Föli-bikes, and nowadays it’s impossible not to come across these yellow bikes when moving about the city.

The bicycles are specially designed for short-term use and getting quickly from one place to the next, especially in the city centre. There are numerous bike stations around the city, so you can drop off the bikes wherever you go. Instructions for registering as well as using the bikes can be found on the Föli website.


Föri is Turku’s own little city ferry, which travels across the River Aura between Wechterinkuja (on the west side) and Tervahovinkatu (on the east side). Föri’s name comes from the Swedish word “färja”, or in English “ferry”. The treasured ferry has be transporting Turku residents since 1904, and, truth be told, you cannot say you’re truly from Turku before riding for free aboard Föri.

Föri is a fun way to move between this side and the other (ask a local which is more important!). The ‘cruise’ lasts about two minutes, enough time to admire the beautiful views of the River Aura. The ride is completely free from the moment you jump on board.


All aboard! The Föli waterbus connects passengers easily with Ruissalo and Pikisaari from the River Aura all summer until mid-September. A ride on the waterbus will feel like an adventure when the sea breeze blows and the ferry heads out to the horizon far from the city centre. The route is run by two ferries, the charming M/S Ruissalo and the grander vessel M/S Jaarli.

Passengers can pay in the form of cash or with Föli travel and tourist cards, the same as on the bus. The normal two-hour ticket period applies, allowing you to change to another form of Föli transport, along with free loading of bicycles on board. 


Funicu…what? This newest of Turku's public transport vehicles has sparked a good deal of hilarity and attention on social media.

This cable-operated semi-vertical passenger car, which will take people up the Kakolanmäki hill, is something of a modern cousin of the Föri river ferry. Some genius came up with the name “hill Föri” for this newcomer. 

The ride is free, and the vehicle is accessible. On top you can admire the view and check out the Kakola area, which has undergone some improvements.

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