Tips for Turku in July x 6

Right now, summer in Turku is just about at its best. July is simply bursting with one hit after another, from festivals to medieval tournaments. Here are some of the most interesting things happening this month!

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1Samppalinna’s Moonlight Swims

There’s no better summer activity than swimming, and we hardly have to explain why. But have you tried moonlight swimming at Samppalinna? There’s something so magical about night swimming and this special event takes a summertime dip to another level. And hey, what a great and unique idea for a date!

Moonlight swims are organised during summer 2019 at Samppalinna outdoor pool:
Fri 26th July • 23rd Aug • Fri 13th Sept

2Turku Castle Tournament

During summer, the grounds of Turku Castle become a historic battlefield, when the Turku Castle Tournament (11th–14th July 2019) arrives in the city. Enthralled audiences can follow close by, as the armoured nights put each other to the test and perform challenges with spears and lances.

There is the rare treat of seeing genuine martial combat of bygone days, real armour and protective equipment. Also, rules follow the original ones of the past. So everything is truly authentic – except that, hey, no one dies.

The disciplines look highly challenging, sometimes even a little bit wild. It doesn’t seem to matter that the temperature inside the armour can reach 70 °C. But hey, if the competition seems too exciting, you can also immerse yourself in the knightly culture and the world of combat with in a guided tour of the castle as well as through other activities.

3Airisto Classic Regatta

This summer, sailing fanatics are in for a treat, when handsome sailboats fill the marina of Ruissalo Shipyard during a weekend in July (18th–20th July 2019). A delightful feast for the eyes where sailing shoes are all you need, with the event’s main purpose the three-day sailing race, the Airisto Classic Regatta.

The spirited match is part of a bigger entity, the Baltic Classic Masters sailing competition. Warning: the risk of contracting boat-fever is high. We take no responsibility for boat purchases inspired by the event.

4Turku Food & Wine Festival

Turku food & Wine Festival has truly earned its place in Turku’s event calendar. Like the name suggests, visits to the festival are sure to eat and drink well – and that sounds pretty awesome. Now organised for the third time, the Turku Food & Wine Festival comes ashore this year on the forecourt of Forum Marinum during the final stretch of July (25th–27th July).

Cast off all your stress and let the city’s most famous kitchen wizards conjure up some fascinatingly delicious dishes. Wash it all down with a refreshing splash of wine, handcrafted cider or a glass of speciality beer from a small, regional brewery. Or why not a couple.

5Salo Night Markets

Every Thursday from June to the end of August, Salo’s Night Markets fill the marketplace with hundreds of flee-markets and traders, thousands of people and plenty of cheerful chatter. Suddenly Salo is the place to be! Local residents are joined by neighbours and those from the summer cottages. Shops and stalls swarm with people, filling cafés and flee-markets.

Safe to say, that with the range of market stales on offer, whatever you can’t get from Salo’s Night Markets, you really don’t need. The evenings culminate with a free performance by a well-known music artist. The Night Markets are organised by the Suvisalo Assoc.


July’s DBTL (25th–27th July2019) is an inseparable part of summer in Turku. The festival frivolity is impossible to avoid, when this year DBTL’s party area takes place in the cathedral square and the neighbouring Brahe Park. It’s a little bit like returning to your roots, given that life in Turku began around the cathedral.

The array of artists is full of classic names from the domestic music scene, such as Eppu Normaali and Popeda as well as the hottest acts of the moment, the likes of Vesala and Sanni. You could say, that DBTL gives everyone a little something, but it’s more like everything for everyone. Even when you have the captivating River Aura scenery right in front of you, the atmosphere of the city festival easily grabs the spotlight.

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