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Salo is really undergoing a renaissance in tourism popularity, and with little wonder. From the infectious energy at Salo's night market to the national park in Teijo where the soul can truly rest. Salo is domestic tourism at its best!

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1Salo Night Markets

Every Thursday from June to the end of August, Salo’s Night Markets fill the marketplace with hundreds of flee-markets and traders, thousands of people and plenty of cheerful chatter. Suddenly Salo is the place to be! Local residents are joined by neighbours and those from the summer cottages. Shops and stalls swarm with people, filling cafés and flee-markets.

Safe to say, that with the range of market stales on offer, whatever you can’t get from Salo’s Night Markets, you really don’t need. The evenings culminate with a free performance by a well-known music artist. The Night Markets are organised by the Suvisalo Assoc.

2Teijo National Park

When faced with the beauty of Teijo National Park, the frantic city life drifts away. On Matildajärvi lake, glide along in a rowing boat as the children play on a nearby beach. With such peaceful and enchanting places in Finland, why travel anywhere else?

Year-round hiking in Teijo has been made smooth and easy, with a well-designed environment. Paths are comfortable and well signed, with several places for camping and building fires. It’s easiest to arrive by car, with the distance from Salo 20 kilometres and 80 kilometres from Turku.

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