Escape the everyday with a tropical moonlight swim

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There’s an old Turku saying that goes something like, “without bubbles, the week is wasted” (champagne or the Jacuzzi – take your pick). Maybe not always, but we decided to test the philosophy nonetheless. So instead, we packed up all our stress and hurry and put them on a plane to nowhere, and headed to the spa hotel Caribia.

As we step to the lobby, evading the claws of winter’s chill and consuming darkness, we decide we’ve definitely earned some sparkling champagne therapy. Already our mood changes and nothing feels the same anymore. Are we even still in Finland? Perhaps plane travel is just really quick these days. 

Our belief about the secret time zone change is reinforced as we tuck into some salmon pizza. A catch so fresh you might wonder if we’d caught it ourselves. Certainly, the mellow satisfaction afterward easily compared to the feeling of a successful fishing trip. As a smiling waiter approaches with champagne in one hand, fishing trip or not, this is rapidly becoming the Friday to beat all other Fridays.

Suddenly, we are disturbed by a thought, just as ours heads find the reset button on the soft sofa of the Harmony Spa wellness department. We put down the magazine. What if we were relaxed this way for the rest of our lives and we forgot how to be stressed? Who would recognise us at home if we return with a calm and glowing spirit? In the end, we agree to tough it out and face the extreme comfort and languorous atmosphere.

After a 60-minute Hydra Peeling treatment, I look in the mirror and realise the therapist has transformed me into vibrant and radiant being. The muscles are relaxed and the mind is fully in weekend mode. Just how many days have we been here?

After a 60-minute Hydra Peeling treatment, I look in the mirror and realise the therapist has transformed me into vibrant and radiant being.

From the balmy pampering we glide to the steam room and, oh boy, the luxury mosaic benches make you feel like a king (minus the huge stress of responsibility of course). Life here is not without its little pressures either: from the steam room, the pools open at nine o’clock. But come on, our internal clocks are blissfully put on pause as we seamlessly transition in unhurried style.

The candlelight swim is in full swing, if you can call it that. An atmosphere so tranquil it’s suspended in time or from another world entirely. Others who have joined the journey of escape don’t break our serenity. The absence of under 18’s maintains the purity of the adult-only event. The space is shrouded in twilight, candlelight and a warm atmosphere filled with soothing, peaceful music. We are a little hypnotised by the magic around us. Sure, we expected something good but not quite the fairy tale we found.

As we float around the outdoor pool, bathed in the glow of the real moonlight, there comes this funny feeling of gratitude. Like the love or sense of pride you feel for your home. To be here like this under the moon, was to be over the moon. 

Caribia’s Candlelight Swims every Friday in February from 9pm-Midnight. ​​​​​​​


Text Laura Andersson. Photos and video Matias Tanner.

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