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If Turku were defined by a season, it would definitely be summer. Here, we’ve pulled together a list of the highpoints and happenings in June to really get you geared up and excited.

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Seuraava artikkeli


Restaurant Båthuset is the most delicious new addition to Nugu’s guest marina and the perfect reason to take a day trip to Nagu. Known as the little sister of the Turku restaurant Nooa, Båthuset continues Nooa’s familiar formula for success, but with their own ‘beach house’ style. 

In Båthuset, you can be confident that you’ll always find something good on your plate, and with no better accompaniment than the glittering sea close by. The menu of burgers and salads has been kept simple, but without compromising on flavour. 


The children’s own rock festival Seikkisrock (8th–9th June 2019) is the most extraordinary summer event, at least according to the kids. Held in the Kupittaa Adventure park is a two-day festival that is such a hit, adults enjoy it as much as the kids.

At this festival, you’ll enjoy the most popular music for kids. Get rocking with some familiar characters on stage and jam with some new stars. This summer, the little festival goers can dance and get moving with, for example, the legendary children’s band Pellekaija Pum and the energetic combo of Sitku. Expect amusing lyrics, a lively scene on stage and plenty of fun with play and art activities.


Have you been to the new restaurant Bassi? Having opened in autumn 2018, the allure of this latest restaurant still holds strong. Bassi’s specialities are the fish and seafood dishes, many of which are specifically designed for sharing. The jewel on the menu is the bountiful shellfish platter – a feast for the eyes at the centre of any table! If fruits of the sea don’t take your fancy, the menu also offers meat and vegan alternatives. Bassi is both named after and found in a building designed by architect Charles Bassi, with the cocktail menu also inspired by architects of Turku.

At the weekends, the bar and dance floor of Club Bassi opens on the third floor, with the rooftop terrace the cherry on the cake. Another terrace found in the courtyard is not visible from the street, so many are unaware of this little hideaway. It’s the perfect place to continue the summer evening atmosphere straight from the riverside.

4Kuntshalle Turku

The contemporary art scene of Turku expanded at the beginning of 2019, when Kuntshalle Turku opened in the Old Town Hall. Managed by the Turku Artist’s Association and the Photographic Centre Peri, this collaborative art centre presents captivating contemporary art exhibitions as well as plenty of other experiential events and activities. Here, art comes alive, free to expand in every direction.

Have you ever wondered, how exactly a camera operates? The Camera Obscura experience room as well as the Pinhole Camera exhibition reveal the development and history of the photograph. Camera Obscura visualises well what goes on behind the lens and what actually creates the image. It’s somewhat like stepping inside a camera. And of course, Turku is a city with a special place in photographic history, being the location of the first photograph taken in Finland!

The Camera Obscura experience room as well as the Pinhole Camera exhibition are available 20th June–28th July 2019

5Paavo Nurmi Festival

The festival, dedicated to Turku’s own running legend, brings the joy of sport within reach of everyone, in the form of various events. At the Paavo Nurmi Games (11.6.2019), watch the world’s top athletes, live and at close range, pit themselves against one another in the Paavo Nurmi Stadium. On the eve of this event, the junior and master series will also be aiming to set their own records. 

On Paavo’s Sports Day (8.–9.6.2019), access to the stadium is free as children are welcome to come and try all types of sporting experiences.

6The New Potato Festival

In an old school building first constructed in 1889 you’ll now find a bar and restaurant as well as Finland’s largest restaurant brewery. The nostalgic school surroundings of the Brewery Restaurant Koulu are complemented by the warm and relaxing spirit of the beer garden, discreetly hidden at the back and easy to miss.

However, be sure not to miss the merriment in June, as Turku’s New Potato Festival (14th–15th June 2019) once again takes over the terrace at Koulu. Organised now for the 9th time, the stars of the potato-fest are Finland’s delicious and unique virgin potatoes. Come down to enjoy the cheerful company and feast upon the array of sumptuous potato dishes on offer.

7River Aura Wauhtiajot

In June (15th June 2019), Turku is overcome with a sense of nostalgia, when handsome classic boats from the 1920’s to the 1960’s blaze past in display on the River Aura. Come to see gleaming mahogany and mesmerising speed! Dedicated to classic sports boats, Turku is just the right place for this kind of event. The first time the River Aura Wauhtiajot event was seen in Turku was in 1951. Once we’d had enough of the years of silence, the competition was relaunched in 2006.

Tip! To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the rare and charming boats, set up your viewing gallery somewhere between the Library bridge and the Theatre bridge.

8Concours d’Elegance

Apparently, Christmas actually occurs about a week before midsummer – for classic and sports car enthusiasts that is. This is when the Concours d’Elegance takes place. This sophisticated name is a little tricky to pronounce, but then the event in question is a traditional beauty contest for sports cars.

Held on the island of Kakskerta, at the listed Harjattula Manor (16th June 2019), is a gathering of those passionate about classic-curves and loving renovation, where you’re immersed in the moment. It is truly an annual mecca for all enthusiasts. There is also food and wine on offer, whilst the relaxing live-jazz playing in the background, brings the comforting vibe of a summer’s day. A little bit like being at a garden party!

9Medieval Market

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Medieval Market (27th–30th June), take a trip in time to the heart of medieval Turku. The Old Great Square is the setting for the market milieu of the middle ages, where the atmosphere is a replica of what was common for the 1400’s. Smiths cast their swords, merchants present best catch from the sea and artisans busy themselves with their trade.

It’s a place where you’ll always find something to draw interest, to taste or to explore. Take a picture of yourself in the stocks or try some traditional market delights, like sausage wrapped in cabbage.

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