Autumn’s Cultural Events in Turku x 6

Is there a better way to lift the spirits during the darkening nights than with some enlightening culture? This Autumn Turku is bursting with tantalising performance art, enchanting stage presentations and devilishly delightfully jazz. Read below for all our tips!

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1Stretch 2019

Were you aware that artistic dance is very much a part of Turku’s cultural life? Although the scene is still small, it is substantially active. A good example of this is Stretch 2019 (17th–20th October), which is a networking event organised for Turku’s professional dance community.

Together with Stretch, discover new ways to raise your understanding of dance and becoming aware of professional dance productions. Groups from our Nordic neighbours and other European countries will attend the event, participating in discussion, ideation and networking.


2New Performance Turku Festival

Are you still a bit unfamiliar with performance art? Well great news, the New Performance Turku Festival (18th–20th October) is a fun and easy way to get to know this fascinating world.

The festival creates a unique entity by bringing together a field of interesting artists, intriguing perspectives and fresh encounters. A powerful multidisciplinary art form, the festival will give you a true taste of what performance art is really all about. The fact that performances have been specially created for this event makes it an even more unique and rare occasion.

The festival is free of charge and suitable for any aged participant brave enough to investigate!

© Jussi Virkkumaa


3Flame Jazz

Originally, Flame Jazz was developed as a jazz project for the Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture year, initiating the boom in Turku’s high profile and reputed jazz culture.

The sinfully smooth jazz sound comes in the form of a concert series, which definitely ranks as the best tip for this Autumn. Gigs are sprinkled across the city to the outskirts of central Turku throughout the Autumn, so check the programme details and list of performers.



This autumn, admire the skill and craft of the Turku-based international puppet theatre at the tenth addition of the TIP-Fest puppet theatre festival (6th–10th November). Oh, and by the way, this is not just a children’s festival. A large part of the performances are aimed specifically at adult audiences.

A particular fascinating part of puppet theatre is seeing first-hand what hybrid dolls look like, as well as understanding what puppet manipulation is all about. In addition, as part of the opening ceremony, anyone in the city can come and enjoy the amazing puppet procession THE PUPPETS ARE LOOSE! that promises to be a real extravaganza!

Explore the programme and buy tickets here:


5Poetry Week Festival

The popularity of poetry events has clearly been on the rise – and that can only be a good thing. With various poetry events held in Turku, aspiring and well-known poets bravely share the stage. Now, poetry is cool – or maybe it’s always been that way?

Organised in Turku this autumn, the Poetry Week Festival (8th–17th November) is a top tip for all interested amateur poets and enthusiasts. During the festival, engage with poetry throughout the city, in places such as pubs and theatres.


6At the Theatre: The Snow Queen

H. C. Andersen’s The Snow Queen is the most mesmerizing tip for entertainment this Christmas. A joint production by Åbo Svenska Theater and AB Dance Company, this Christmas family classic is transformed into a spectacular dance adventure on the stage of Finland's oldest theatre house.

The worst kept rumour in town is that this stunning fairy tale dance is in every way AMAZING. On stage, the languages of performances include Swedish, Finnish, Sámi and dance.

Aurinkobaletti & Åbo Svenska Teater – The Snow Queen (10th-31st December)
Choreography and directing: Urmas Poolamets & Jukka Aaltonen
Photo: Pette Rissanen

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