Around Turku on a Shoestring Budget x 7

No money, no problem. What fun is there to have in Turku that doesn’t cost much but still offers a million-dollar experience to take home? It’s a very good question. Here is a small collection of low budget tips for a summer’s day in Turku.

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1A Picnic in Kupittaa Park

Although Turku’s restaurant scene will satisfy the growling belly of any gourmet, opting for a picnic is always a great idea. Either pack up a lunch at home or grab a box of strawberries from the market and head to the local park to relax. At the park, etiquette can be disregarded and shoes and shirts discarded without worry of disapproving looks from restaurant staff.

Kupittaa Park is always open. With such a vast open area, there’s always plenty of green space, so every sunbather and park enthusiast can find a comfortable and suitable spot. And if the heat surprises you, a plunge in the Kupittaa outdoor pool is a refreshing option.

Entrance to the outdoor pool: Adults €5.50 and children 4–16yrs €3

2Culture Walk

With so much to see in Turku, the only way to visit it all is through the skill of teleportation. Because technology is not helping with this yet, the Culture Walk is providing a solution. The walking tour is conveniently divided into five different routes, each of which let’s you explore three different destinations. Immerse yourself in Medieval tales, admire the imperial-style buildings or take an in-depth look at the area of the Old Great Square. There’s everything to be discovered. Read more from the link below!


3Samppalinna Outdoor Swimming Stadium

Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium is a well-worn summertime favourite amongst Turku locals. If you can’t get to the beach then head to this refreshing city centre oasis. You can also just go to the pools to hangout, with large grassed areas great for sunbathing. In addition, you can also bring your own snacks with you. (Alcohol drinks must be left home though, sorry.)

In the big 50 metre pool there’s plenty of room to swim, as well as a separate pool for the little ones. Scale new heights on the diving tower and add an extra thrill to your swimming trip. A great place to chill out on a hot summer’s day without breaking the bank.

Entrance fee: Adults €5.50 and children 4–16 yrs €3

4Adventure Park

When the kids need entertaining, the Children’s Cultural Centre and Adventure Park in Turku, commonly known as Seikkis, is easy, comfortable and a sure success. This paradise of active adventure is a great place to play and be energetic whatever the time of year. Here you’ll find a variety of equipment for playing, climbing and using your imagination, both for toddlers as well as primary school kids. In addition, cool off from the summer sun in the mushroom shower and paddling pool.

As well as the large, free-to-use playground, Seikkis also runs a children’s cultural centre, with theatre performances, art workshops and musical playgroups. At the same time it’s worth popping over to the bird sanctuary and Traffic Town, which can be found on the other side of Kupittaa Park.

5Suburb Sightseeing

Walking is completely free and the best way to explore Turku. And the fact is that Turku is much more than just the riverside, so be brave and venture out a little further to explore the suburbs. Head out to the areas of Martti and Portsa to admire the cute courtyards, residential streets and the neighbourhood milieu (within reason – don’t be a stalker). Here is where you’ll find everyday life in the making, as well as the real Turku. Other nice areas to walk round include: The Cathedral area, which begins at the cathedral bridge, and the colourful wooden villas of Ruissalo. Mag-nif-i-cent!

6Affordable Activity

Getting around Turku has been made ridiculously easy, as well as easily affordable. Journeys on a Föli-bus and Föli-bike are comfortable and economical. Also, for an authentic Turku adventure jump aboard the Föli waterbus and take a ride from the River Aura out to Ruissalo. The most convenient purchase is a Föli Day Ticket, which is valid on all means of transport mentioned above (Föli-bikes require purchase of a different license).

Another fashionable thing right now is taking a ride on the new Funicular up to Kakolanmäki. You can jump on and ride it for free, so why not experiment and try it out. And of course, whilst you’re there don’t forget about the delightful Föri, Turku’s little city ferry! Also free to ride and perhaps the most typically Turku thing ever.

Föli single ticket: €3 (for use during a 2hr period​​)
1-day Travel Card: €7

Föli-wheel bicycle hire 24hrs: €5
+ an unlimited number of free to use 30 minute journeys. More information on the Föli website.


7Kuhankuono and the Kurjenrahka National Park

Do you long for a hike? Throw some snacks in a bag and take a Föli-bus straight to Kuhankuono in the Kurjenrahka national park. It’s almost unreal that for the simple price of a bus ticket you can get all the way out into the enchanting marshlands and magical forests.

There’s no better free activity than being in nature, so this opportunity really is a must. What’s more, an adventure in the diverse nature of a national park is completely different from any outdoor experiences you can get close to home. And remember to keep your eyes open – you may even spot an owl or couple of otters.

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