What’s happening in Turku this August? x 8

This August in Turku includes, among other things, concerts of the Turku Music Festival, staying up for the Night of the Arts and getting sporty at the Paavo Nurmi marathon. There’s still plenty of classics of summer left to come. Here’s just some of what’s going on in August, so enjoy!

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1Turku Music Festival

With changing dynamics from echoes in Turku Castle and the intimate concerts in Turku’s cultural venues, the melodies created by Finland’s oldest music festival will resonate throughout the body of every listener. 

The Turku Music Festival will be organised 8th–22nd August 2019 for the 60th time, and for the first time under the leadership of the new artistic director Klaus Mäkelä. At the famous gathering, Finland’s stars of classical music share the euphoria of music through dozens of concerts. Up-to-date programme information for the event can be found at the website below.


2Aura Fest

At the beginning of August (9th–10th August2019) Turku’s Kupittaa Park bulges with fresh music and happy festival goers. Aura Fest has clearly marked its place in the schedule for Turku traditional summer festival season, helping to squeeze the last drop of fun out of the summer. 

The luscious Kupittaa Park provides an unparalleled festival setting, and if necessary you can sit and take it easy between gigs in the shade of the trees. This year the park welcomes sets from the likes of GasellitPyhimys and JVG. In other words, on the basis of the rap line-up alone it’s worth clicking your way over to the ticket sales right now.

3Challenge Turku

Are triathlons your thing or does the sport pique your curiosity? If this is the case, Challenge Turku(10th–11th August) is an excellent opportunity to get to grips with this fervent physical activity. This energetic event weekend brings together professional triathletes and amateur enthusiasts from home and abroad, to race in the River Aura and sprint along its shores.

Of course, if the very thought of such a thing gets you in a cold sweat, just come along and support the fast-paced event. That’s a great way to get involved as well!

4Turku’s Night of the Arts

Turku’s Night of the Arts (15th August) is one the best things about August! It’s when everywhere in the city centre and along the river buzzes with different events and activities. These include galleries, shops, restaurants and surprises for the public. Wander around the city and enjoy the flourishing cultural offering, restaurants and performances, late into the night.

The Night of the Arts is being organised now for the 30th time and continues to reach new heights. This time around, the event spreads out onto the city street scene, so keep your eyes open wherever you are.

Check out a more detailed programme from the link!


5Paavo Nurmi Marathon

There’s no more fitting honour at a festival named after the nine-times Olympic champion, than to run a marathon like Paavo Nurmi. Raised in Turku, the ‘Flying Finn’ used to practice by running after trains. Rise to the challenge by running the full course, or get in the spirit with a 10km or half marathon loop. 

Over 3000 runners receive rapturous cheers from the crowd as they whistle along the River Aura and on Ruissalo Island (17th of August). The support and communal spirit from spectators provides the rhythm for the runners. The sense of achievement on the children’s mini-marathon rings with the words: Yes, I can do it! 

6Alvar Aalto Week

Are you interested in architecture? The Alvar Aalto Week, named after famous Finnish architect and designer, hits Turku and Paimio at the end of August (23rd August–1st September). The fascinating event week includes architectural, design and residential related tours, as well as an exciting programme of lectures, exhibitions and much more besides.

The event gives a good overall idea of how Functionalism grew in Finland and how Alvar Aalto’s handprint is found present throughout the Turku cityscape. Whether or not it’s your thing, you’re sure to find it surprisingly fascinating.


7SHIFT Business Festival

SHIFT Business Festival (29th–30th August 2019) is at the same time both a little bit nerdy but also an incredibly cool event. SHIFT brings together thousands of future and technology-orientated corporate influencers from Finland and abroad to share their thoughts and ideas. This year, the event will take place in the Ruissalo Shipyard Event Venue, where there’s plenty of inspiration and opportunity – not to mention fantastic speakers.

But wait! In spite of the business-orientated content of the event, SHIFT also has that festival feeling. Superb décor, energetic music and impressive art installations are proof that a business event doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

8Night of the Ancient Fires

According to tradition, the Night of the Ancient Fires is celebrated on the last Saturday in August (31st August 2019. The feeling in the air is that summer is at an end but still some magic lingers. The fires are lit along the coast to symbolise unity between the countries of the Baltic and remind us of the history and cultural heritage of the sea. The event is also linked to the Venetsialaiset celebrations on the last weekend in August, the closing party for the sailing and summer cottage season. So the whole weekend is a party atmosphere.

The Night of the Ancient Fires is celebrated along the Turku area and archipelago. In Naantali, at least, the Night of the Ancient Fires is the climatic end to the summer. During the weekend, it’s worth moving out onto the water if you can, where you’ll get stunning views from the sea.

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