Waves of local food

Why return to shore to eat? We asked ourselves the same question, as nowadays abroad Silja you can enjoy extraordinarily good food from high quality local ingredients.

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Charter a course to quality and taste

Did you know that at the dining tables aboard Tallink Silja’s ships, you’ll discover tomatoes from Paimio, ham from Huittinen and herring from Pyhämaa? The white ships steer towards favouring ingredients from local producers as well as food from responsible sources.

“Why search for something on the far side of the world if it can be sourced nearby?” points out Riku Alho, the kitchen manager aboard Tallink Silja.

So, what should be kept in mind when you want your dish to be local?

Waves of local food

Every day, fresh vegetables from the Alitalo garden in Paimio are brought aboard Silja. The vegetables vary depending on demand, with the ship’s wok dishes one delicious example of where they end up.



The servings of pork and cold cuts are brought in from the Kivikylä charcuterie, based in Lappi and Huittinen in the Satakunta region. You can enjoy these delicious cured meats at the breakfast table, for instance.



Those with a gourmet sweet tooth will find it hard not to over-indulge in the cakes, pastries and biscuits from MBakery – chosen as Finland's Best Bakery in 2016.

With Tallink Silja being one the Nordic’s leading cruise companies, Finland is of course not the only local food source. Ingredients are also brought from Sweden -  for example Swedish cheeses are well-presented in the restaurants. Naturally, you will also find Finnish cheeses on the menu.

The Turku bakery, MBakery, is well known for its colourful and individual cakes and pastries. Silja has been so delighted with the bakery's confectionery that the on-site pastries, biscuits and cakes are now available on every ship. On the other hand, it’s little wonder considering MBakery has been the best bakery in Finland, starring in a 2015 TV programme of the same name.

If you're not familiar with the heavenly delicacies of MBakery, pop into Piece of Cake in the Turku Market Hall or the M Kitchen at Turku's lovely Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum.

Responsible fishing from the seas nearby

When casting about the fish table, hook yourself some herring, shrimp and Baltic herring.

The shrimps and herring used by Tallink Silja are MSC certified, a guarantee of sustainable fishing. So you can enjoy them whilst feeling good about yourself

The Baltic herring aboard Silja has again been sourced from Pyhämaa, from the fishing village of Ihamo. Fisherman Vento has been a long-time partner, always providing seasonal products, such as various marinated herring, among other things. This Christmas, for example, passengers get to taste Vento's rum-raisin herring.

Silja is purposefully developing its ethical approach toward all its fish dishes - after all, we rely on the Baltic Sea. In the fall of 2018, Silja became the first shipping company to receive the MSC Certification, which guarantees passengers fish from sustainable and responsible sources.

“We have also implemented a project to reduce food waste in partnership with WWF,” says Regional Director Nina Honkaranta, and continues:

“The result is that our kitchen serves passengers with products such as zero-waste fish balls, made using the whole fish.”

If Christmas plans are quite settled yet, hop aboard Silja and try the local food on offer.

The Christmas feast aboard Silja always includes other local delicacies, such as Christmas ham from Korpela and delicious traditional Christmas foods from the Nevala family farm in Lapua.

So if your Christmas plans, or holiday plans in general, are still flexible, hop aboard Silja and taste for yourself the local treats the ship has to offer.


Text by Stina Frimodig. Photos and video by Kim Allen-Mersh.

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