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Local tour-guru Visit Turku organises a variety of guided and self-led walking tours throughout the year, each offering a unique perspective from which to explore the city. Head towards the best examples of the city’s history, learn about the hidden sides of Turku or discover the backdrops for multiple movie scenes. The walking tours will fascinate and inspire, both tourist and local alike.

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1Mysterious Turku

Everyone knows Turku for its music festival Ruisrock, its thriving restaurant culture and the riverboats, but in addition to these there is another, more secretive side to the city. Wave goodbye to the picture-perfect veneer, this is Turku without the filter. On the guided walking tour, delve deep into the unfamiliar faces of the city, where the hometown stories amaze even the real Åboriginals. However, we shan’t reveal the details here. The spine-tingling tales are best heard in the place they occurred!

2Riverside Walk

Turku locals love their verdant and vibrant riverside life, but is it any wonder? Over the years the entire city culture has formed along the river! If you could experience only one place in Turku, the riverside is perfection.

It’s just such a concept on which the Riverside Walk is based. This guided walking tour moves along the River Aura shores and takes a big juicy bite out of the urban art, historic buildings and other delights on the cultural menu. A simple yet rewarding idea. It’s a fantastic and flexible mini-tour to the heart of Turku.

3Movie Walk

Believe it or not, Turku has emerged as quite a versatile movie town. Since the 2000’s, over 50 feature-length movies have been made here as well as many other productions, from TV serials to documentaries. It’s a cool place to film!

There’s good reason to visit Finland’s Hollywood town, where the themed Movie Walk tour takes you straight to the scenes of movies filmed in Turku. In just a few kilometres, you’ll visit locations for films such as the Vares detective series, Restless, Reunion and The Girl King. It’s cool to visit where well known movies were made and see the familiar surroundings from a new perspective, investigating them in real life.

4Museum Walk

Do you find, you often want to visit more museums, but in the end you never go? Well, the Museum Walk card is the answer, letting you bounce through twelve of Turku’s museums in three days. When you flash the card on your arrival, there’s a little flutter of self-importance, like being a VIP-guest at a club, or a member of a secret society. After three days absorbing culture, the mind is invigorated and you feel inspired. More please!

5Food Walk

The Food Walk is the saviour of every foodie. It collects together all the delectable goodies from the restaurants of Turku, which can be feasted upon in one bite along the same walking trail. In a nutshell, choose the five most interesting from the ten participating restaurants, walk, eat and enjoy. So simple and yet so ingenious.

There’s a range of available dishes, from tapas planks to deserts and finger food, so no need to wade through a hefty steak in every restaurant. Well, that’s a relief. The only downside is that there are so many nice restaurants and cafés included, that you really might struggle picking only your top five.

6Dark Side of Turku

Do you love crime stories and podcasts about murder mysteries? Yeah, so do we. What if you could jump from the audio story straight into the footsteps of the murderers, and investigate the crimes and places they were committed? Well then, the Dark Side of Turku walking tour is your chance to raise the intensity!

Okay – we understand that hanging around a crime scene might be a bit spooky, but when you listen into the chilling details, your curiosity and inner detective takes over. This is especially true of the unsolved cases that will burrow into your mind – they will leave you longing to know more!

7Culture Walk

With so much to see in Turku, the only way to visit it all is through the skill of teleportation. Because technology is not helping with this yet, the Culture Walk is providing a solution. The walking tour is conveniently divided into five different routes, each of which let’s you explore three different destinations. Immerse yourself in Medieval tales, admire the imperial-style buildings or take an in-depth look at the area of the Old Great Square. There’s everything to be discovered.

Quick tip! If you combine two walks you’ll get twice the experience. The Culture Walk destinations are also located close to the sites found on the Food Walk or Museum Walk.


8Incredible Women of Turku

Nowadays, when naming well-known women from Turku, it’s easy to fill the fingers of a few hands, but what about those from the past? Glad you asked. The Incredible Women of Turku walking tour is a fascinating way to discover the great female figures from Turku’s history and the influence they had during their lifetime. You can be sure, that Turku boasts a healthy dose of girl power. Have you heard of the Portsa girls, or all three Catherines of Turku Castle? Do you know, who were Finland’s first female governors, the original #girlbosses? Well, this is the place to find out.

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