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Ladies and Gentlemen, Viking Line has something for everyone. Depart from Turku, and escape into the scenery of the Archipelago Sea for a meeting, to forage for fantastic wines or to enjoy some quality time with the kids. All this and more – read on and be inspired.

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1Meetings at sea

Getting tired of the stuffy office space? Sail your staff out onto the waves. Give your work activities some spice aboard Amorella and Viking Grace and garnish with your choice of additional activities, from yoga to pilates and VIP Shopping. Choice abounds. Take a work colleague for a fun camera chase or test their knowledge in a quiz – and maybe get things going with a Champagne Break glass of bubbly? That definitely wouldn’t feel like work, and would certainly be refreshing!

Of course, the day doesn’t need to filled with activities, and on board meetings are pretty peaceful. Simply switching from lunch at work to a seafood supper or a three-course meal brings a really nice change. 

2Food & wine

Viking Line’s food options provide an ocean of variety. Naturally, The Buffet is always a classic, and often the highlight of many a cruise. From the Buffet counters you’ll find an attractive array of alternatives. Are you in the mood for some Toast Skagen, for some ramen-noodles or a multiple-dish indulgence? There may be difficulty choosing, but one thing is certain: here you will never go hungry.

Right then, what about drinks? Viking Grace and Amorella’s stunning selection of wines and champagnes will delight both the amateur and the curious connoisseur. High-quality champagne, particularly, has found its way aboard the red ships, which get the thumbs up for both price and quality. So, in addition to the tax-free candy, pick up a bottle or two to take home!

3Families with children

The ships are a children’s adventure park. Playrooms, programme performances and various activities ensure there’s never a dull moment. Have you already been on one of the Kid’s Picnics? Every Sunday from Turku, jump aboard Amorella and Viking Grace for the Picnic Day Cruise. There’s so much going on, from games and the children’s popular artists, to candy-bingo. Of course, the best company on a cruise is the world's best ship cat, Ville Viking! (By the way, Ville offers the softest hugs on the ship, try if you don't believe it!)

There’s also benefits to travelling with children. Were you aware, that kids under 12-years can travel with an adult for free? In addition, 6–17-year-olds are allowed into the buffet at a discounted rate, as well as having discounts on the à la carte children’s portions. Not a bad deal, really.

4Concert cruises

Viking Line has invested in on-board entertainment, turning cruises into mini-festivals at sea. A cruise is a perfect place to see your favourite artist in concert. Before the show you can browse the ship’s shops and sit down for a glass of wine. Fabulous!

The programme aboard Amorella and Viking Grace features popular acts from many different genres, so you’re sure to find like-minded souls ready to sing along to your favourite tunes. The stage has plenty of top names from the Finnish music scene, but also many fascinating foreign stars. In addition, unique, special-event cruises are available. Head to the water for the groovy atmosphere of the Flame Jazz Cruise or take a beer trip on a cruise of Finland’s Best Beers.

Check out the programme for Amorella and Viking Grace from the link below.

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