Tantalising tips for Naantali Spa

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Treatments and candles

For many, treatments are a major part of the spa experience. The hotel’s Spa&Wellness Manager Anna Ranki explains that their treatment philosophy adopts a pioneering attitude. This is why they are constantly looking for new products and treatments to extend their range. The beginning of the week is usually quieter at the spa, so it’s advisable to just pop in and ask for last minute appointments. 

​​​​​​​For you and your other half: Fancy a rose-petal bath with a refreshing glass of sparkling wine? Yes please! A long soak in a bath is normally an opportunity to spend quality time by yourself, but as a change, order a bath for two. Almost all massages and treatments can be arranged in double rooms if required.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gold and gemstones: The luxury Galvagni Spa treatment is a full body, aromatic gemstone therapy that includes peeling, bathing and creams in addition to a glass of champagne. Another suggestion is to try Rimita Green’s facial treatment that uses 24 carrot gold.

For children and young people: The spa’s treatments are not just for adults. For example, Laughing Feet is a fun pedicure designed for kids. Why not give your birthday girl a Birthday Party Hairdo, and let her and her party guests get the style of their choosing. Alternatively, share a moment as mother and daughter by having your make-up or nails done together. 

The mood lighting and peaceful sound effects enhance the calming massage experience to such an extent that after it’s finished I have to wake myself up for an evening swim.

Author’s choice: If like me you long for something lightly relaxing, then opt for the Indian head massage. The mood lighting and peaceful sound effects enhance the calming massage experience to such an extent that after it’s finished I have to wake myself up for an evening swim. In the dark of the evening, the spa department is lit up with candlelight, creating an almost spiritual sense of serenity. When darkness sets in, lantern-lit swims are organised from autumn to spring.

A Taste of Thailand

The restaurants at Naantali Spa offer a wide selection of both food and drink. In addition to the buffet table and Scandinavian flavours you’ll also discover a drinks bar, cafés, ribs, pizzas, wines and much more besides. Check the opening times for the Wine Cellar from the spa’s website.

Authentic tastes of Asia: The Thai Garden’s truly charming chef Manit Poonhiram, willingly explains how to create real Thai food. The most important elements are the aromatic herbs and careful cooking of each ingredient for the correct time and at the right temperature. Some of the ingredients are imported from Thailand to make the taste as authentic as possible. It is also the only restaurant in Finland to be granted the Thai Select logo by the Royal Thai Government. The menu also has plenty of options for vegetarians.

From top shows to feathered pillows: How about ending a day at the spa with a show from a top artist, after which, instead of calling a taxi you can simply float up to your hotel room? Performing at the Spa Pavilion this winter are frontline artists. Previous acts have included, among others, Reino Nordin, Samuli Edelman and Suvi Teräsniska. The programme calendar for autumn and winter is updated on the spa’s website.

Breakfast in bed: Do you like enjoying the peace and quiet by yourself in the morning? Breakfast can be delivered directly to your room. A special order for the morning can be made the night before. It’s these small details that make holiday mornings that much more special.

Author’s choice: Lemongrass, lime leaves, coriander, Thai-basil… Asian cuisine is one of my favourites, so my choice for diner is easy. Chef Manit’s special-menu is a good cross-selection of what Thai Garden has to offer. At breakfast, I fill my plate with a variety of freshly baked treats (hey, come on – I’m on holiday). I later discover that the baked goods and sweet treats come from the spa bakery. It’s no wonder that their freshness was so appealing!

Outdoor activities and shopping therapy

Treatments, baths and saunas are a good counterbalance to the spa activities.

Treatments, baths and saunas are a good counterbalance to the spa activities. Taking place in and around the pool there is Hydrotraining, Nia-dance (which combines martial arts and relaxation) or stretching yoga as well as a general opportunity to exercise in the spa’s beautiful surroundings.

Picnic walk to nature: From maritime Naantali you’ll find beautiful outdoor recreation trails all year round. A delicious hiking snack can be made up from the café, with which you can head out on an autumn walk from Kuparivuori rock to the old town passing along the famous Path of Love.

Borrow a sled or skates: It’s a lovely cold day but you’ve gone and left your winter gear at home! Many are unaware that Naantali Spa happily lends out Nordic walking poles, sleds and skates to its guests. Racing along the ice-paths on skates gives a brisk and fresh perspective of the atmosphere of the town and sea.

​​​​​​​High-quality shopping: Take the atmosphere of the spa home you by purchasing something from the range of products used in the treatments and makeovers. The cosmetic series comes from Naantali Spa’s own importer. For example, for skin care there is the French brand Phytomer and Matis, whilst from Germany pick up the professional makeup brand Stage Colors. The selection in the Promenade Boutique includes a range of clothing brands, jewellery and accessories for consumers with a quality conscious taste.


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Text by Annika Kosonen. Photos and video by Kim Allen-Mersh.

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