Things to do with kids in Turku x 7

What’s there to do with the kids in Turku? Let the little treasures loose in the colourful jungle of the botanical garden, a fascinating museum or a thrilling activity park.

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1Forum Marinum

Even from the outside, Forum Marinum looks an attractive destination for families, with the grand museum ships standing moored to the shore and a giant wooden daisy laying across the forecourt, tempting you to climb. 

Do you find museums a little dull? Well that’s about to change! The children’s own maritime museum, Tyrskynmyrskyn (Surf and Storm), is the best place to play, explore and at the same time learn new things about life at sea.

The main attraction of this fun exhibition is the gallant adventure ship, where on deck you’ll truly feel like a seaworthy adventurer (as the ship sways side to side – for real!). From the horizons you can spot the constellations, investigate the nautical charts and take a peek inside the captain’s quarters.

2Botanical Garden

Turku’s Ruissalo is often remembered as the setting for the famous rock festival Ruisrock, but the island has many other sides. One of the favourite places for many local children is the botanical garden run by the University of Turku, which is an on-going oasis for the island’s magnificent nature. 

In the public indoor and outdoor garden facilities, explorers both large and small will find plenty to research. Wandering through the world of plants a cockatoo glides overhead, and in the ponds, carp splash by your feet.

Outside, take a peek in the cavernous trunk of the old oak tree – so wide it can accommodate an adult’s body inside. The garden has also featured in the movie Jill, Joy and the Sleeping Clock, so when you visit, be sure to explore the real red windmill house from the film!


An indoor activity park with fun for the whole family. SuperPark is perfect whatever the weather, with everything under the same roof. Go jumping on trampolines, climb to the highest heights and challenge friends to a pedal car grand prix. There are crazy jumps at the air tracks and skate ramps, and in the Game Arena test your skill in basketball or hockey. There’s so many exciting ways to have fun and get active. 


The adventure and amusement park Flowpark offers unbridled fun and active recreation for the whole family. Balance on a tightrope, climb over obstacles and swing from ropes like Tarzan. Here, you can really let your inner monkey free and exceed your limitations. The adventure courses are built up in living trees, with the Flowpark tracks reaching up 20 metres high, for those who dare!

Each track is colour-coded according to the different levels, so challenges can be found for climbers of all levels. Also, even the littlest Flowparkers have been taken into account with their own tracks, so no one is left without a great challenge to enjoy.


At waterpark JukuPark, submerge yourself in the pool paradise and pirate life, all just a few kilometres from the Turku Market Square. The park is easily accessible via the local bus services. 

Once inside, take a wild plunge on the Free Fall waterslide, hurtle down the Boomerang tire slide or bounce on the bouncy castles. The shallow pools of the Pirate Island offer excitment for the little fishes in the family.

In between swims you can grab some food from the park restaurant or enjoy a break at the ice-cream cafe by the edge of the pool. Guests have plenty of sunloungers and space for sun-bathing and, because this is Finland, there are plenty of saunas on site.

6Adventure Park

When the kids need entertaining, the Children’s Cultural Centre and Adventure Park in Turku, commonly known as Seikkis, is easy, comfortable and a sure success. This paradise of active adventure is a great place to play and be energetic whatever the time of year. Here you’ll find a variety of equipment for playing, climbing and using your imagination, both for toddlers as well as primary school kids. In addition, cool off from the summer sun in the mushroom shower and paddling pool.

As well as the large, free-to-use playground, Seikkis also runs a children’s cultural centre, with theatre performances, art workshops and musical playgroups. At the same time it’s worth popping over to the bird sanctuary and Traffic Town, which can be found on the other side of Kupittaa Park.


Under the captivating Naantali sun you’ll always find the equally enchanting Moominworld. The Moomin magic appeals to everyone, from toddlers to grannies, making a visit to Moominworld a sure-fire hit and guaranteed fun.

Best of all, Moominworld is full of excitement throughout the year. In the autumn there’s the adventurous story of the Hobgoblin’s Hat, whilst in February the Moomins rejoice as they wake from hibernation for a little winter holiday. Hooray!

(Psssst! Moomintroll and his friends are only 15 kilometres from Turku.)

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