Things to do with kids inside x 4

Need some nice things to do with kids but preferably inside? Grab the little ones and let them explore the Botanical Garden, a fascinating museum or a vibrant shopping centre.

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1Forum Marinum

Even from the outside, Forum Marinum looks an attractive destination for families, with the grand museum ships standing moored to the shore and a giant wooden daisy laying across the forecourt, tempting you to climb. 

Inside, the floorboards resemble the real deck of a ship and hanging from the ceiling are old, wooden figureheads welcoming you to the museum. The numerous miniature models, real mines and boats will take plenty of time to investigate. With guidance from Axel the ship’s dog, you can explore maritime history through stories and play.  

2Botanical Garden

Turku’s Ruissalo is often remembered as the setting for the famous rock festival Ruisrock, but the island has many other sides. One of the favourite places for many local children is the botanical garden run by the University of Turku, which is an on-going oasis for the island’s magnificent nature. 

In the public indoor and outdoor garden facilities, explorers both large and small will find plenty to research. Wandering through the world of plants a cockatoo glides overhead, and in the ponds, carp splash by your feet. Outside, take a peek in the cavernous trunk of the old oak tree – so wide it can accommodate an adult’s body inside.


An indoor activity park with fun for the whole family. SuperPark is perfect whatever the weather, with everything under the same roof. Go jumping on trampolines, climb to the highest heights and challenge friends to a pedal car grand prix. There are crazy jumps at the air tracks and skate ramps, and in the Game Arena test your skill in basketball or hockey. There’s so many exciting ways to have fun and get active. 

4Shopping Centre Skanssi

Shopping trips with the kids are always full of surprises – but at Skanssi, the surprises are only positive ones! Taking the kids to Turku’s newest shopping centre has been made as easy as possible, from the heated parking hall and the easily accessible playground, to the family changing room if nature takes you by surprise. With a comfortable nursing chair available, feeding times are also stress-free. 

The game room, courtyard paddling pool as well as Skanssi’s own library keep the children entertained, letting you shop without losing your nerves. Families have the choice of four separate playgrounds and the restaurant world offers many tasty dining options. 

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