Fall in love with Rauma x 3

Explore the natural wonders and tour the colourful streets of Old Rauma. Interesting fact: located in Rauma are two of Finland’s seven UNESCO world heritage sites.

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1Bothnian Sea National Park

The Bothnian Sea National Park stretches along the coast of South-west Finland from Kustavi to Merikarvi, roughly a 150-kilometre journey to the north. Although 98 % of the park is an underwater world, Rauma is the launching point to access a few of the park’s island attractions: Kylmäpihlaja as well as Kuuskajaskari

Both the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island and the former military post at Kuuskajaskari are accessible by waterbus – on a beautiful day, the journey will fly by as passengers lose themselves in the scenery and pleasant sea breeze. Staying overnight on both the islands is also possible. 

2Unesco World Heritage Sites

It’s really quite amazing that a town the size of Rauma is the location for two of Finland’s seven UNESCO world heritage sites: the ancient Sammallahdenmäki as well as the wooden town of Old Rauma.

Sammallahdenmäki Bronze Age Burial Site is located approximately 20 km from the centre of Rauma. Just 1.5 km along a guided path you’ll find the fascinating burial site or cairn. It’s definitely worth a detour if visiting Rauma – it might not seem much, but rocks can be truly fascinating. 

Old Rauma is the largest, most coherent and best-preserved area of wooden homes in the Nordics. The twisting cobbled streets, decorative gates and colourful wooden houses continue to charm visitors time after time. Another great thing about Old Rauma are the idyllic town’s unobstructed streets, so leave the car in a parking area.

3Old Rauma

In addition to its unique dialect (giäl) and famous Bobbin Lace, Rauma is also well known for its area of well-preserved wooden homes, known as Old Rauma.

The lively and bustling neighbourhood is full of charming and idyllic little boutiques, cafes and delightful features, all complimenting one another. Especially during summer, the wooden neighbourhood is teeming with laidback life and activity. Among the many things of offer are open courtyards and spontaneous little flea markets. Another feature are the numerous artist studios open to interested visitors, particularly during the Lace Week, which is the culmination of summer in Rauma. During the lace week, Old Rauma is the scene for plenty of live music, various performances, workshops as well as other activities and attractions. 

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