Great restaurants in Turku x 4

Where do you go in Turku when you want to enjoy fine dining and multicourse meal? Here is a selection of high quality Turku restaurants for those who appreciate culinary refinement.

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Would you try out some tasty vege-food? Then why not give Hügge a try. Hügge is one of a gang of restaurants on Vähätori Square, where everything feels like a delightful hugge, from the luminous dining room and cosy décor to the unbelievably good vegetarian food.

At Hügge, both your eyes and mouth are in for a pampering. Whatever you pick from the menu, it’s always a colourful sight and a party for your palate. We’ve no idea what spells are cast in the kitchen, but they really are magicians! Try it out for both lunch and dinner.


The delightful Ludu was founded in an old paint shop, exuding the spirit of the former premises. Both warm and romantically lit, the interior preserves the original chequered floor with the restaurant’s grand piano taking centre stage. 

Relaxed fine dining at Ludu is the perfect choice when you desire a bit more from your meal. Every portion of the tasting menu is like a work of art, whilst the vegan versions are far from ordinary. Ludu is at its best at twilight by candlelight, but lunch is also a fantastic experience. YUM!


The two-storied Nooa opened its doors onto Turku’s guest marina in 2017. Nooa’s stylish building, with its clean lined architecture, is located right on the shoreline. The décor of the restaurant combines the clean lines of Scandinavian design with something distinctly maritime. The cuisine likes to play with the Nordic flavours, but with a nice twist. 

The rooftop terrace definitely shows off the best side of Nooa, perfect for eating or having a drink. From the downstairs salon, peek at the chefs busy at work in the kitchen or admire the boats floating outside. For once, a gem such as this is found outside the city centre!


Located in the shadow of the Cathedral, Pinella has, since the early 1900’s, been the scene for a bohemian culture of writers and artists, but the history of the site and its place as a focal point for Turku residents reaches back nearly 200 years. 

In the modern incarnation of Pinella, it’s an experience to sit under the sheltered colonnade, enjoying some fine food or a refreshing drink. The view across the river to the park on the far bank calms the soul. At the same location is the Puu-Pinella bar, which many consider to offer the best cocktails in the city. Pinella is enlivened by the atmosphere in summer by the events and live music on the Old Great Square. 

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