What to do in the region of Turku x 2

Have you scoured the riverside and seen Turku Castle a million times before? In which case, check out where to go in the Turku region with this guide to events.

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Have you ever wondered what the Turku locals really get up to (when they’re not sitting on a bus tour around the city of course)? 

Well then, if you want to discover the authentic and everyday possibilities of the real Turku, make Doerz the first place you go. Their site will open you up to another world of possible experiences with Turku locals. 

The idea for Doerz came about when Tomi got to know the citizens of Warsaw, who introduced him to their favourite places in the city. Now there are dozens of Åboriginals (as the Turku locals are known) offering up things to do, with experiences that range from aerial acrobatics with Emma to searching for the region’s best mushroom picking spots with Johanna.



Located in Pargas, you’ll find a courtyard building with a large drawing on the wall by sculptor and artist Arja Maarit Puhakka. The drawing is created using the “free line technique”, a method conceived by the artist. You’ll find paintings in the attic and art in various forms in every corner of the garden. 

Art is part of everyday life, but how many of us explore the places where they were created? Every year Konstrundan opens up the workspaces of artists, giving everyone the chance to see what an artist’s life really looks like. The event occurs in September, and by visiting Konstrundan’s website you can find out the dates and participating studios.


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