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The Kasnäs Archipelago Spa and guest marina are a luxury destination for boaters as well as other tourists. Enjoy deliciously good food, the maritime atmosphere and a pleasurable overnight stay.

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1Guest Marina and Caravan Park

Whether moving around by boat or motorhome, Kasnäs is an ideal stopping place. By the sea are the services of the idyllic guest marina and on the slope at the edge of the spa hotel is the caravan park, where you’ll find 33 car or caravan places as well as a sauna, WC, septic tank and dishwashing place. 

Boaters will get everything they need from the guest marina. There is a spa, post office, restaurant, gift shop as well as a small store, from where it will be hard to resist buying the local Kasnäs home-grown and smoked fish. Mouth watering to say the least! Sit back and enjoy a cold drink or ice cream, following the busy harbour life from the new harbour terrace.

2Kasnäs Archipelago Spa

Kasnäs offers the chance to combine the relaxing and refreshing experience of a spa holiday, alongside stunning archipelago landscapes. The hotel chalets, with their unique shell-design, are located on a ridge sloping down to the waterfront, providing a sea view for almost every room.  

Everyone, from babies to grandpas, will enjoy making a splash in the spa, with a children’s pool, aqua-exercise area, Jacuzzi, two 25 metre training lanes and a refreshing cold plunge pool. Men and women have their own separate saunas, with a steam room and an infrared sauna also available.

3Kasnäs Pavilion

Kasnäs Archipelago Hotel and guest marina are served by the restaurant Kasnäs Pavilion, especially well known for its splendid archipelago buffet. With the seafood delicacies on offer including free-range rainbow trout and whitefish, the reason for its popularity is clear. 

In addition to the archipelago buffet, the restaurant also offers breakfast, lunch and evening a la carte. The facilities are also available for private use. If planning a meeting or a party, be sure to make an inquiry about hiring the restaurant’s premises.

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