Classic restaurants x 6

New restaurants come and go but there are special places that stand the test of time. Find out why these beloved restaurants’ classic dishes of are worthy of the description, and be sure of a great atmosphere.

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1Brahen Kellari

The premises of restaurant Brahen Kellari were once used to store root vegetables for market traders during winter. Since 1967, it has been one of the most beloved restaurants among locals, with private cabinets that have even held wedding receptions. The restaurant owner, Hessu, treats his staff like family, and they are so familiar with the surroundings, meals can even be served in the dark. 

Turku’s oldest cellar restaurant brings classic dishes and tastes from around the world, with Finnish flavours always at heart. Here, you can order pheasant or zander, or the renowned Skagen Toast, which will simply never be removed from the menu. If it were, a riot would undoubtedly ensue. During lunch, the salad table offers as many as 17 different options.


If any restaurant is to be considered a Turku classic, it’s this one. The first Pizzeria Dennis was opened in Turku in 1975. It’s still well known for its pizza but nowadays there are other tempting tastes, such as dishes for pasta lovers. The restaurant on Linnankatu Street is also open on weekdays, and you can also stop in for lunch.

If you love the taste of Dennis so much you want to enjoy it on the sofa at home, you can now buy the ready-made Dennis pizzas, risottos and salad dressings from normal shops. 

3Vaakahuone Pavilion

Vaakahuone is a maritime restaurant bursting with live music in the summer, entertaining people for free from morning until late at night, from May to September. During the day, Vaakahuone is a restaurant, where you’re sure to find something great to eat, from the archipelago buffet to the sumptuous pizzas.

Every night there is dancing and live music, and these free concerts can accommodate over 120 people! Performers come from home and abroad, and the musical selection ranges from jazz and Latin rhythms through to all-time hits and dance music. Let the music and the atmosphere tempt you out – there’s always room for one more on the dance floor.


With its bold façade, Restaurant Harald stands out from the Turku street. The dusky atmosphere of the Viking restaurant is highly authentic, with even the menus being named in the Viking spirit.

In the cosy atmosphere, the fascinating little details are just an appetiser for the succulent food on offer. Nordic flavours – reindeer, game, fish and vegetarian dishes, complimented by roots and berries – are the right fare for a feast at Harald, with the experience is completed by the rustic wood and clay serving dishes. If you want to try many different flavours, then opt for the tasting menu. Couples can order a special candlelight menu, named Harald & Helga’s Love Package. 


The nostalgia of Teini strides into view on the Old Great Square as you gaze upon its beautiful neoclassical building. Paintings adorning the walls depict the city and the restaurant’s beginnings in 1924, with the atmosphere both relaxed and respectful of the historic venue. The charcoal grill brings an authentic flavour to the classic dishes, from entrecote steaks to Tieni’s seared fillet of beef and bratwurst. 

The maze of vaulted arches lead to the gastropub Löytö, once serving as the office of lost and found. So lose yourself within the cellar’s brick walls and tuck into the veggi-burger and Löytö’s own American lager – your own perfect find.


Climb the stairs on Stålarminkatu, step into the restaurant Pippurimylly and enjoy the nostalgia of another time, with décor unspoilt by decades of trendy updates. This classic restaurant knows itself and its customers well, exuding the milieu of an old-fashioned neighbourhood restaurant. Whether wearing casual clothes or smart dress, at Pippurimylly you can enjoy the house’s renowned steak or even the fish in white wine sauce. 

The restaurant has delivered the same concept since 1974 with the same family ownership. Downstairs, the owners have converted the old bank into the local corner pub, restaurant Hugo. At the easy-going corner pub, tuck into the giant king prawn burger late into the evening, accompanied by an excellent selection of beers.

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