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Need a burger with no time to waste? Don’t settle for a bad Google search and avoid getting ‘hangry’ by checking out the best burger places in town. You’re welcome!

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Hesburger is Turku’s very own hamburger restaurant chain, which is also the so-called hese-heart (see the map link below) found at the centre of Turku. Even though it’s a fast-food restaurant, there’s a different type of atmosphere here. The décor is fun, with a variety of seating, from bar stools to sofa cushions. The outside, European-style terrace is spacious and comfortable. 

Hesburger’s most famous burger, the Kerroshampurilainen, is a traditional slice of hamburger culture. The combination of dreamy mayonnaise and other delicious ingredients bring it fans from around the world.


On Kristiinankatu you’ll find a haven to the hamburger. Morrison’s is just perfect for those whose stomach is in need of some serious satisfaction. The spirit of a true American diner is popular with many because of the relaxed atmosphere and extensive menu. The popular burgers are available in both a vegetarian as well as a more meaty version. 


Footy there, hockey here, tennis over there. Is there a sportier restaurant bar anywhere in Turku? At least not in terms of the number of TV screens because here they’re everywhere you look! For those who love sports and burgers, then the authentic Boston-style O'Learys bar is truly heaven. 

Order your burger in a basket with a side of crunchy fries. Conveniently located under the same roof as the Holiday Club Caribia and the SuperPark activity park, before tucking in you can work up an appetite going swimming, climbing, jumping and playing – the entertainment is endless.


For some of the juiciest burgers in town, head to an embroidered, 19th Century brick building on the shores of the River Aura. The atmosphere is instantly comfortable, and without needing any frills, Rantakertu is just a great place to eat. 

Big delicious burgers made with enticing-looking bread and thick juicy beef wind their way to the tables. With so many toppings to pack in, eating can be a real event. But have no fear. Take your time to let the knife slice smoothly through the tender steak. If in the mood for a good burger, you’ll not be disappointed.

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