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In the galleries of Turku there is so much to view and to interpret. Be inspired by current exhibitions and experience creativity in its many forms.

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Edellinen artikkeli
Seuraava artikkeli


Step away from the busy street of Aninkaistenkatu and down a few steps, and you’ll stumble into the first exhibitions of fledgling contemporary artists. Contemporary art continues to evolve in the viewer’s interpretations. What do you see, for example, in works that show pictures found on a destroyed hard drive?

B-galleria is a place to experiment and take risks in fields such as visual art, installations and sound art, or something completely different. The galleria also hosts popular clubs and discussion events, whilst from the main space you can step boldly into the Project Space located at the back.

2Galleria Joella

The piece entitled Kalmankukka (Flower of Death), a woodcut print from Akseli Gallén-Kallela, was once considered no more than a doodle. Over a hundred years later printmaking – pictures made with printing plates on canvass – can be found in places such as Galleria Joella along the River Aura shores. 

Gallén-Kallela showed enthusiasm for art that everyone could enjoy in their own homes. If you agree and think this a great idea, the exhibitions at Joella have hundreds of works on sale from dozens of different printmaking artists. 


Are you tired of seeing the same, repetitive things and rigid patterns? Step inside the city’s oldest contemporary art venue Titanik, where the roof forms part of the Runeberg Park and the doors open onto the River Aura shores. This is the sort of place to experience creativity without limitations, the sort which modern society lacks the proper channels to promote.

Built in the premises of a former public lavatory, in Titanik you can encounter almost anything that stirs the mind, with ‘experimental’ and ‘non-commercial’ being the common descriptors of the contemporary art presented in Titanik. There are also regular exhibitions and complementary events, with access free for all.

1. Repose, haus de projekt, 2018
2. Harpa Dís Hákonardóttir & Oskari Ruuska: Balance Piece, 2019​​​​​​​

4Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Located at the other end of the library bridge is the duel purpose Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum, serving as a true fountain of culture. The subterranean quarter of the Aboa Vetus runs greet you immediately on arrival, and on the upper floor of the culturally and historically significant Rettig Palace is Ars Nova, the superb setting for contemporary art. You can still observe the original interiors of the palace, giving you a real taste of its former glory. Fascinating!

You can come across art in various spaces throughout the palace. Presented in the Takkahuone are smaller exhibition projects, whilst in the Omatila gallery presents exhibits that, for example, are interactive or even created in collaboration with the public.

5Turku Art Museum

On a visit to Turku Art Museum’s magnificent and grandiose granite stone palace, you can dive into the old and the new at the same time. The Studio and the Darkroom showcase the most interesting names and trends in contemporary Finnish and foreign art. In addition to the high-quality exhibitions, the museum also operates as a special concert venue for the city, a yoga hall as well as a setting for a variety of entertainment.

In the delightful Café Victor, service comes on porcelain plates, creating an old-world atmosphere, whilst in summer you can sit out and enjoy the sun on the terrace. The best way to explore the schedule of events and exhibitions is online.

6Kuntshalle Turku

The contemporary art scene of Turku expanded at the beginning of 2019, when Kuntshalle Turku opened in the Old Town Hall. Managed by the Turku Artist’s Association and the Photographic Centre Peri, this collaborative art centre presents captivating contemporary art exhibitions as well as plenty of other experiential events and activities. Here, art comes alive, free to expand in every direction.

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