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Luscious lobster or sumptuous burgers – these restaurants offer a feast of flavours, from Mediterranean cuisine to Nordic inspiration. Remarkable, satisfying and delicious.

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1Gunnar Eatery & Bar

Gunnar is the newest addition to Turku’s restaurant scene, which opened on the ground floor of Turku’s Seurahuone hotel in early 2019. Gunnar or “Gunu” is focused on enjoyment and social dining, where the portions are shared amongst your party. The dishes are well thought out, and it’s nice to share the experience together. There's a lot of local on the table, both in the setting and in the food itself, which is also quite a thrill.


Restaurant Båthuset is the most delicious new addition to Nugu’s guest marina and the perfect reason to take a day trip to Nagu. Known as the little sister of the Turku restaurant Nooa, Båthuset continues Nooa’s familiar formula for success, but with their own ‘beach house’ style. 

In Båthuset, you can be confident that you’ll always find something good on your plate, and with no better accompaniment than the glittering sea close by. The menu of burgers and salads has been kept simple, but without compromising on flavour. 


From the upstairs of the mint-green wooden house you can hear the joyful chatter and clinking of wine glasses. This merry bustle is a habit to which the restaurant is accustomed. When close friends Franco, Sergio and Domenico decided to bring contemporary Italian cuisine to prominence in Turku, it marked the birth in 2003 of restaurant Sergio’s.

The genuinely cheerful staff and atmosphere are features for which the place is beloved. When you ask for a recommendation from the menu, there’s no answer; Chef Rezan says that all the dishes are as good as one another, and that’s easy to believe. Buon appetito!


At Gustavo, taste the real passion the owners have for Mediterranean cuisine. Guests are received with open arms, whilst the life and soul of the restaurant, head chef and owner Markus, ensures no one leaves hungry. The menu includes classic dishes and seasonal delicacies that change on a weekly basis, formed from traditional ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. When everything is made fresh, from start to finish, then high quality is guaranteed. 

Gustavo’s specialities are the savoury little snacks also known as pintxos, which can be enjoyed as an appetiser or several combined as a main meal. The wines have been carefully chosen, with a selection that includes labels not found in local stores.


Turku’s most fresh seafood restaurant is undoubtedly Bassi! Restaurant Bassi operates in Turku's best location: by the Aura River, right in the heart of the city.

Bassi specialises in fish and seafood dishes, which are made for sharing. The pinnacle of the menu is the shellfish platter – an impressive sight when laid on the table! If seafood doesn’t catch your appetite, you’ll also find meat and vegetarian dishes on menu.

Restaurant is named after the architect who designed the building, Charles Bassi. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Club Bassi opens on the third floor with bar, dance floor and the terrace on the building’s rooftop providing the real icing on the cake.


Blanko’s terrace at the corner of the Auransilta Bridge has a powerful association with the centre of Turku. It seems to have been there since year zero, always gathering people to enjoy the vibrant street scene as well as the first terrace weather of summer. Aurakatu just isn’t Aurakatu without Blanko and this restaurant was sorely missed, when there was a renovation during summer 2018.

Blanko offers a versatile restaurant concept, with lunch and dinner as well as lively nightlife. The menu is as appetising as the location, with dishes also including vegetarian variety. However, the pièce de resistance is Blanko’s phenomenal lamb pasta, with flavours of red pesto as well as rocket. 

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