Full steam to Moominworld!

Moominworld must be visited at least once every summer – which every child knows. If you are searching for a new angle of approach, try arriving by steamship from Turku. In this story, we’ll tell you why it’s simply the best.

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Tove Jansson’s love for the sea and the archipelago

The creator of the Moomin stories Tove Jansson drew the sea a lot of in her art. Her original drawings often include thunderstorms, reefs, boats and lighthouses. The wind is blowing, the waves crashing – Tove Jansson’s image of the sea is often wild and stormy.

Tove Jansson spent her summer life in the Pellinki archipelago in front of Porvoo, first as a child with here family, and later with her life partner Tuulikki Pietilän. So the scenery around Pellinki and Finland’s archipelago are clearly identifiable features in Jansson’s stories.

The Moominhouse resembles a lighthouse

If you know anything about the Moomins, you will definitely know the Moominhouse. However, this you may not know: the Moominhouse closely resembles the Glosholm ‘pooki’, which was once located in Pellinki. The building was completely demolished during World War II to prevent any enemy planes from using the tower to assist in navigation.

Although the Glosholm pooki is no longer there, old pictures will lead you to believe the same as us, namely that the building really did serve as inspiration for Tove Jansson’s Moominhouse. A round, tower-like body, which culminates with a pointed roof – the Moominhouse, without doubt!

PS. The Moominhouse also has a cousin in the Turku Archipelago, on the island of Källskäri. There, for a time, lived Baron Göran Åkerhielm, who named his gazebo Moominhouse. Tove Jansson belonged to the count’s circle of close friends, and when visiting the island she delighted at the shelter’s lovely shingled roof, which probably first inspired Jansson’s scale models and then also the Moominhouse at Moominworld.

​​​​​​​PPS. What is a ‘pooki’? A ‘pooki’ is the beacon atop a former lighthouse, which has had the glasshouse demolished and replaced by a roof.

  • What’s best in Moominworld?

    "Our children never fail to be ecstatic when the Moominhouse appears into view behind the bend. That’s when your heart skips a beat with enthusiastic anticipation!"
    ​​​​​​​ – Sanna 37 years

Adventure on board Steamship Ukkopekka

During summertime, head directly from the centre of Turku to where the footbridge over to Moominworld begins, in the Old Town of Naantali, which is a stunning sight in itself.

When you jump aboard the Steamship S/S Ukkopekka at the River Aura archipelago ferry harbour, you’re in Naantali in less than two hours. And what a couple of hours it is!

Ukkopekka is an authentic steamship, and the only one of its kind in the waters around Finland. It has been sailing for over 80 years, making the smooth, dream-like voyage perfectly nostalgic.

Because Ukkopekka makes two round trips during summer from Turku to Naantali especially for guests of Moominworld, the boat has created a special programme for the kids. During the voyage, children can help the crew search for the Bilge Rat’s treasure, hidden somewhere on ship. All children travelling aboard Ukkopekka can take part in the fun adventure, and it even takes the treasure hunters to places not normally accessible to regular passengers.

The world’s most beautiful archipelago

From Turku’s Archipelago harbour, Ukkopekka first swims along the River Aura out to sea and then toward the opening of the Airisto. The voyage passes the grand ship the Suomen Joutsen, Turku Castle, Ruissalo’s wooden lace villas, Loistokari Island and the Ukko-Pekan bridge, before reaching the guest marina in Naantali.

The guest marina is surrounded by the Old Town of Naantali, where the old wooden houses are like eye-candy – to such an extent, they’ll probably fall out.

Found amongst the intricate wooden homes of Naantali’s old town (Kaivokatu 5) is Moominworld’s​​​​​​​ Bizarre Café and Tearoom. There you can plunge into the swirling fairy tale feeling, with a world-class Moomin-mug collection and other individual (read: bizarre) details about the dog Sorry-oo and the Muskrat’s hammock. 

  • What’s best in Moominworld?

    "The adorable young summer staff, who bring the Moomin characters to life. In general, what’s best is the nature and the atmosphere of warmth and affection all around Moominworld."
    – Eero 40 years

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ "When Stinky picked his nose, even mummy was a little bit amazed."​​​​​​​
    ​​​​​​​– Okke 3 years  

I want to hug them when we meet

Of Moominworld, two things are generally known, that it’s located in Naantali and that there you can give Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters a big hug. Oh yes, that’s what it’s all about!

But that’s not all. In addition, it’s good to know that Moominworld is found on one of the 40,000 islands of Turku’s Archipelago.

The Moomin’s own island is named Kailo, and it takes only a few minutes to walk to it over the bridge from Naantali’s old town. And yet, Kailo is part of the archipelago, where the sea breeze blows, the sunshine sparkles off the waves, and on the Moominworld beach you can float boats made from the beach reeds quite near to Edward the Booble and the Moomin-family’s swimming hut.

New in Moominworld for summer 2019, built on the shores close to the sea is Snork’s discovery park. There, get to know Snork’s inventions and even do a bit of inventing yourself. For those on vacation, there’s also a promise of some puppet theatre.

What a perfect way to spend a summer’s day with the whole family!

  • What’s best in Moominworld?

    "What’s best in Moominworld is that the big clam said “welcome to Moominworld Joanna”, but how did it know who I am?!"
    ​​​​​​​– Joanna 5 years


In cooperation with Moominworld.
Text by Liina Komi. Video and photos by Kim Allen-Mersh.

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