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Take in Turku on a Tour.

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Visit Turku organises various guided and independent walking tours throughout the year, each of which explores the city from different perspectives. In addition to walking tours, explore Turku and the surrounding area in a different way, on a kayak or a bike, for example.

Here we present a couple of tours worth shouting about.

1Riverside Walk

Turku locals love their verdant and vibrant riverside life, but is it any wonder? Over the years the entire city culture has formed along the river! This guided walking tour moves along the River Aura shores and takes a big juicy bite out of the urban art, historic buildings and other delights on the cultural menu. It’s a fantastic and flexible mini-tour to the heart of Turku.

Tours start from 1st July

NB! There are a limited number of places for tours. You can secure your seat by buying tickets in advance at the Visit Turku online store or at the Tourist Information.

2Discover Old Turku

If you’re looking for a place worth visiting, then you’ll definitely want to get to know Turku's old town. The Discover Old Turku tour provides an overview of the most important sites of interest, where you can learn many interesting facts about the history of Turku. After the tour, explore the Old Great Square and get to know its surroundings like the back of your hand. Another bucket list item done.

Tours start from 2nd July

​​​​​​​NB! There are a limited number of places for tours. You can secure your seat by buying tickets in advance at the Visit Turku online store or at the Tourist Information.

3Food Walk

The Food Walk is the saviour of every foodie. It collects together all the delectable goodies from the restaurants of Turku, which can be feasted upon in one bite along the same walking trail. In a nutshell, choose the five most interesting from the ten participating restaurants, walk, eat and enjoy. So simple and yet so ingenious.

4Museum Walk

Do you find, you often want to visit more museums, but in the end you never go? Well, the Museum Walk card is the answer, letting you bounce through twelve of Turku’s museums in three days. When you flash the card on your arrival, there’s a little flutter of self-importance, like being a VIP-guest at a club. After three days absorbing culture, the mind is invigorated and you feel inspired. More please!

NB! Due to the corona pandemic, the opening times of museums can still vary during summer, so please check the latest opening hours on the museums' own websites.

5Culture Walk

With so much to see in Turku, the only way to visit it all is through the skill of teleportation. Because technology is not helping with this yet, the Culture Walk is providing a solution. The walking tour is conveniently divided into five different routes, each of which let’s you explore three different destinations. 

Quick tip! If you combine two walks you’ll get twice the experience. The Culture Walk destinations are also located close to the sites found on the Food Walk or Museum Walk.

6River Aura Time Trek

A Time Trek is an altogether wilder adventure. The tour walks you through time periods to the centre of space, the Earth and the history of life. On the journey through time, see things from a slightly broader perspective and reflect on what the world has looked like during different eras. Developed by the University of Turku, the program is undeniably interesting. This is a must to try out!

Tours held on Saturdays, 4th July to 15th August, 2020

7Kakola Before and After

Before, there was no reason to visit Kakolanmäki, now even the journey there aboard the funicular is entertaining. One of Kakola's most imposing attractions is the notorious former prison. On guided prison tours, you’ll be amazed a what you didn’t know about everyday prison life, from the history of Kakola to wild stories of escape. Check out the tour schedule from the link below.

Tours 12th June to 15th August, 2020

8Aavameri Kayaking Tours

Does a tour of the archipelago nature intrigue and interest you? Then try out some kayaking! The local Aavameri kayaking company organises great kayaking experiences to suit everyone. Choose a guided tour that lasts just a few hours or embark on a multi-day adventure that winds through the maze of the world’s most beautiful archipelago. A perfect summer activity.

910Bikes City Safaris

10Bikes organises really nice electric bike tours in Turku. For example, go on a day trip to the archipelago or explore the legendary hills of Turku, on which the current city plan was once laid out. All guided safaris include a bicycle and tour guide. And don’t worry if you haven’t participated in the Tour de France. The tours go at a relaxed pace so there’s no need to race


If you prefer a more active adventure, then pick up a Föli-Bike! Turku is easy to explore from the back of the bike because everything is wonderfully close at hand. Join the yellow fleet this summer, and pedal easily from one attraction and neighbourhood to another. We <3 Föli-Bikes!

Visit Turku offers more themed walking tours during the autumn and winter – stay tuned!

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