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Discover hidden treasures at the specialty boutiques or dive into the sea of shops at the mall. Ready, steady, shop!

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1KUI Design

KUI Design is a shop with a super quaint wooden house milieu along the River Aura, well worth a visit in itself, from where you can buy the exclusive, Turku-themed Tälpual ja Toispual boxers. When, years ago, the then recently graduated designers, started to wonder about their chosen their field and finding employment, they asked themselves the question: KUI (how).

Most of KUI Design’s textile products, from backpacks to jumbo cushions, are still stitched together by hand on the opposite side of the river. Here, the enthusiasm for new creations and happy atmosphere is transferred to the customers. 

2Boutique Roosa

A cut above mainstream fashion, at Boutique Roosa unearth classically romantic clothes and accessories. Only high-quality labels make the cut, including clothes from brands such as Ewa i Walla and Odd Molly, and handmade European labels such as Campomaggi bags and Brako shoes. The selection is unique to the area, and unlikely to be found anywhere else in Finland.

In the idyllic old town of Naantali, Boutique Roosa is run by owner Kirsi, and one of her daughters, with every one of the charming items carefully selected. The clothes, shoes and bags are both rare and full of femininity. In addition to the wonderful range of products, you’ll also receive excellent service and advice on style choices.

3 Shopping Centre Skanssi

Skanssi is conveniently located just off the motorway towards Helsinki. Whether travelling by car and using the free parking hall, or arriving by foot, bike or bus direct to the door, the city congestion is avoided.

The atmosphere of the large and spacious shopping mall is relaxing, with large windows letting in the natural world. At Skanssi, shopping has been made easy without compromising on variety and choice, where you’ll find everything from local specialities to international fashion from a selection of over 90 stores.

Skanssi is as green as its courtyard trees, ranking as the most environmentally responsible shopping centre in Finland. Here, we use many creative ways to recycle and save energy. A fun fact: the roof of Skanssi shopping centre is home to a bee colony, producing honey that is sold in the shopping centre.

4Forum Marinum Museum Shop

When a strong sea breeze blows through your thoughts, head to the small museum shop of the Maritime Museum Forum Marinum, where you can get yourself a maritime-themed souvenir. The charming boutique’s tar-scented deck planking is originally from the Suomen Joutsen.

In the museum shop, sit back the armchair with an adventure book and take a trip aboard a submarine or steamboat. When you buy the merchandise for the Sigyn ship you are supporting the preservation of history, as proceeds will be used to restore the 1887 commercial vessel, which has no equal anywhere else in the world.

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