Design and handicraft boutiques x 4

Finnish design, great gift ideas and handcrafted treasures. Take time browsing the unique discoveries, with character and personality in every item.

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1KUI Design

KUI Design is a shop with a super quaint wooden house milieu along the River Aura, well worth a visit in itself, from where you can buy the exclusive, Turku-themed Tälpual ja Toispual boxers. When, years ago, the then recently graduated designers, started to wonder about their chosen their field and finding employment, they asked themselves the question: KUI (how).

Most of KUI Design’s textile products, from backpacks to jumbo cushions, are still stitched together by hand on the opposite side of the river. Here, the enthusiasm for new creations and happy atmosphere is transferred to the customers. 

2Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum Shop

At the museum shop, browse for fun little souvenirs, whilst at the same time looking at the 600-year-old ruins of the city through the floor. The boutique operates under the same roof as the museum of history and contemporary art and, in addition to books on art, is particularly well known for its range of greeting cards.

The sought after novelties of the museum shop are sourced from both Europe and Finland, so there’s no need to settle for dull or boring gifts. Every product must have its own twist of character. You can even pick up a small dinosaur-toy that you have to excavate yourself – a perfectly themed souvenir.

3Midas Goldsmiths

At Midas Goldsmiths and jewellery store you will immediately feel welcomed. The service and good feeling cannot be found in a chain store! The three goldsmiths, Laura, Petri and Patrick, make jewellery on site using a range of methods, from traditional to modern and even 3D-techniques.

The goldsmith is always on hand to tell about the materials and can repair jewellery in a matter of hours ready for an event. The unique gold, silver and diamond jewelleries use Scandinavian simplicity and often follow natural forms. Fall in love with the ‘Pisara’ (Droplet) or ‘Mandala’ series.

4PUF Design Market

When you start to get tired of shopping centre chain stores, at the heart of the Forum court in Turku is something more unique. PUF Design Market is a shop selling Finnish designer brands. 

Shopping here is like a being in candy store, with all the beautiful clothes and interior design products, it’s hard to choose. If you want your clothes to be durable and ecological, as well as different from the high street trends, then PUF is definitely the place for you. While you’re here, pick up a stylish poster of the impressive Turku Cathedral.

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