A hotel room in a pine tree? Check out Ruissalo Spa’s woodland innovation.

A tent floating in the air already sounds pretty great. There’s something
exciting, new and distantly familiar about it. These tentsile tents are found
along the rocky shores near Ruissalo Spa, where you can book your stay
just like a hotel.

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The Tentsile is stretched out between three sturdy trees. They offer many advantages but the main one is that hanging in the air allows you to sleep where normal tents are impractical. Just like on Ruissalo's rocky coasts.

Above all, hanging from the trees is a fun way to sleep.

Above all, hanging from the trees is a fun way to sleep. Hovering above ground like a spacecraft, you enter the tent via the zipped front door or from below via the "secret hatch". The rain cover is removable, allowing you to instead soak up some rays under open skies. When your sleeping buddy rolls over, so will you, so expect plenty of hilarity.

A tentsile is a new method of sleeping outside and a fresh way to enjoy those summer nights. This primitive experience feels altogether quite natural. It’s reminiscent of a hammock, a symbol of tropical relaxation that echoes a freer and more harmonious existence of our forbearers. So raise yourself and your spirits, and do what comes naturally – sleep in a tree.

And although the forest provides the accommodation, all the spa hotel facilities are at a guest’s disposal. So there’s no need to throw yourself completely at the mercy of nature.

Of course, Ruissalo has so much more to offer! Many places might boast of their natural surroundings but the nature of Ruissalo Island is truly unique - half of Finland’s entire oak forests grow there. The background of these oak forests provide a setting for all types of outdoor activities but one variety is particularly popular with visitors.


For golfers, Ruissalo offers a championship standard course, where the condition of the grounds, greens and fairways is a constant source of pride for the membership.

If you don’t carry a green card in your pocket, then bring along a mountain bike instead and enjoy one of the most convenient and easy ways to admire the beautiful island scenery. A tour around the island takes in the stunning beach at Saaronniemi, the home of the Ruisrock music festival, the Kansanpuisto Park, as well as the Botanical Garden with over five thousand species of plants.

It is also highly recommended to see the island from the sea. Just borrow a kayak or two from the beach at the spa hotel. Don’t worry, the sea voyage in a canoe is very calm and casual, and, most importantly, perfect for instagram.


In cooperation with Sunborn.

Text by Juuso Suominen. Photos by Terri Vahtera.

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