16 Summer activities in Turku for families with children

What is there to do in Turku with children? Great that you asked! Read more and find the best ideas for a summer vacation for the whole family.

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Here’s your first idea – come to Turku! Finland’s famous summer city awaits visitors and offers plenty to do for families with children. We’ve compiled the top things to do in summer, so select the best from our list and go and create some wonderful summer memories of Turku.

A pair of amusement parks

Moominworld – Bringing the fairytales of Tove Jansson’s stories to life, Moominworld is one of the best things about the summer in Turku.

Theatre performances, exercise activities with the Moomins, hugs from you favourite character and adventures on the fairytale trails. There’s always room for something new to be discovered, as well as all the stuff you loved the last time. The Moomin House and Snork’s Park of Inventions are always a must, but do you have the courage this year to peek into the Cave of the Hattifatteners?

Psst! If you are interested in magic, activate the Magic Bracelet in the Moominworld mobile app and see what happens! The app can be downloaded for free from the app store.

Also remember these nice events in Moominworl

27.7. Sleepyhead Day
7.8. Moomin Troll's birthday
22.8. Autumn comes to Moomin Valley

Adventure Park - The cornerstone of Kupittaa Park and a meeting place for the playfully minded, ‘Seikkis’ (as it’s called) brings special memories to every child. Here, every kid can express themselves through art, run free in the playground, or cool off in the splash pool and mushroom fountain. There’s also a traffic park next door if the day doesn’t go fast enough (which we highly doubt). A little break for ice-cream, and then back to the fun!

Museums on the mini-minds

Turku Castle – Turku’s grand castle is full of fascinating history and exciting stories. Have you seen what a real dungeon looks like? Is there a mysterious elf roaming the halls? What did people living in the castle use as a toilet? Discover the answers and much, much more.

Forum Marinum - Lots to enthrall your whole crew, from the might of the sea to the proud museum ships and the wonders of the archipelago. Children will find their own exhibition entitled Tyrskynmyrskyn (Surging Storm), and during summer the museum yard host all sorts of fun activities.

Aboa Vetus Ars Nova - Downstairs archeology, upstairs contemporary art. Located on the shores of the River Aura, in the old Rettig Palace, it’s an easy place to find and just as easy to be delighted by.

The kids are quickly engrossed by the exciting Luutarha exhibition of bones, the excavated ruins of Turku Underground, and the adorable Mouseum miniature museum of mice. Here, you get two museums for the price of one as upstairs art exhibitions are made accessible for children. Come to find creative inspiration for your own drawings!

Oh and don’t forget to explore the lovely Museum Shop downstairs. It has a wonderful selection of toys, postcards, booklets, and plenty of awesome stuff.

Biological Museum - Opened in 1907, this museum treasure introduces visitors to the biodiversity of Finland through an investigative journey. Every hand-built diorama is like a miniature world! How many of the animals or plants can you identify?

Turku Art Museum – On the Puolalanmäki hill, the handsome granite castle is a visual adventure, both inside and out. This summer's art tip for the whole family: Michael Schilkin, feat. Lotta Mattila – an exhibition of ceramic animal sculptures.

Luostarinmäki – This area of wooden houses, which escaped the ravages of the Great Fire of Turku in 1827, is an enchanting journey in time. Explore and discover the lives, homes and professions of artisans from a time long ago.

Kylämäki Village - Just outside the centre of Turku, an idyllic 1950s rural village awaits, serving as a museum of living history. In summer, spot the lady of Iso-Kohmo doing chores around the farm. Perhaps you can offer to help her with her tasks?

The play continues at sea

Although there is plenty to do in Turku, more fun can be found on the horizon. On a Viking Line ride, the whole gang can escape daily life and truly switch to holiday mode. What do you say – time to go on a cruise?

The ship is packed with easy-going togetherness, archipelago scenery, and plenty of good food and shopping. Even adults can let their hair down, as kids have more than enough to keep them occupied at sea!

During summer, the cruise ships provide even more room to play, as conference facilities are transformed into the children’s Ville Viking Adventure Island. Oh yeah, time to forgot those meetings and get down to the serious business of a bouncy castle, enthralling puppet shows and activities in the Baltic Sea laboratory.

Check out the summer programme on Viking Line's ships

Where to make a splash?

Kupittaa Outdoor Swimming Pool - After rampaging through Seikkis, you can head to the nearby outdoor pool. You’ll find a choice of pools in which to swim, a wide range of play and rafting toys, and a large slide, which might cause a riot amongst the family’s water enthusiasts.

Samppalinna Outdoor Swimming Stadium – Turku’s alternative outdoor swimming pool takes you high up on the Samppalinna hill, so swimmers can enjoy some quite spectacular surroundings. In addition to the large pool, there is a special pool for the little paddlers, and the high diving tower easily offers a challenge to the bravest in the family.

Beaches of the Turku Region - If you want to stretch out on the beach and bask in the summer sun at a chlorine-free sea or lake, there’s lots of options. For example, Saaronniemi and Ekvalla beaches are particularly well suited for smaller kids.

Just one more - overnight proposal

Traveling with kids can sometimes be… how shall we say this – quite tough! How much easier would it be to pamper yourself with an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel? There’s a convenient base for your visit right by the Kupittaa train station. Opened last summer, the Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa is a comfortable and stylish choice for the whole family.

The excitement of Kupittaa Park is close by and the attractions of the city centre are a stone's throw away. And as a bonus, the hotel’s restaurant Bistro Elli has suitable options for the palates of junior family members, whilst the scenery of the Kuppis Rooftop Bar will be enjoyed by all.

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Text Jemina Sormunen. Video Kim Allen-Mersh. Photos Jenni Virta, Viking Line & Visit Turku.

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